CTS Serenity Series “Soft Pull” Blue Thermoplastic

CTS’s Serenity Series Soft Pull Blue Thermoplastic Masks are composed of a new, premium thermoplastic material designed specifically to offer the ultimate in patient comfort with exceptional rigidity and extremely low shrinkage. Available in multiple perforation styles and compatible with most manufacturers' baseplates, our blue thermoplastic's primary focus is the patient experience.

  • Extremely moldable material with “memory” expedites forming time

  • Ultra-comfortable, drape style mask feels like “liquid latex” when pulled

  • Low shrinkage

  • Beautifully conforms to patient’s facial contours, increasing comfort, reproducibility and immobilization

Soft Pull Blue s-type Head & Neck Masks

RF-F103-3004B – 3.0mm S-Type Claustro Reinforced H&N Mask

RF-F103-3016B – 3.0mm S-Type Claustro Non-Reinforced H&N Mask

RF-F103-3008B – 3.0mm S-Type Open-Face Reinforced H&N Mask

RF-C100-316B – 3.0mm S-Type Claustrophobic Reinforced Head Mask

RF-C100-306B – 3.0mm S-Type Open-Face Reinforced Head Mask

Soft Pull Blue s-type Head Masks

RF-C103B-3003W S-Type claustrophobic head mask, 3.0mm

RF-C103B-3002W S-Type reinforced head mask, 3.0mm

RF-C103B-2002W S-Type reinforced head mask, 2.4mm

RF-C103B-3001W S-Type non-reinforced head mask, 3.0mm

RF-C103B-2001W S-Type non-reinforced head mask, 2.4mm

soft pull blue u-frame masks

RF-A100B-3003W U-Frame claustrophobic mask, 3.0mm

RF-A101B-3502W U-Frame open face long mask, 3.0mm

RF-A101B-3001W U-Frame standard perforation mask, 3.0mm (wide)

RF-A100B-3001W U-Frame standard perforation mask, 3.0mm

RF-A100B-2001W U-Frame standard perforation mask, 2.4mm